WELCOME-A-TEN.COM, a dash ten, provides quality web content, books, movies, and more through our association with Custom services are also available as described below. Visitor satisfaction is our main goal, so please feel free to write questions, comments, or suggestions to:

Custom HTML Services-A-TEN.COM offers custom HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) services. Custom web graphics, web pages, websites, forms, and more can be created by a highly experienced team of HTML coders. Pricing is based on the complexity and time required to complete a job. Please email for more information.

Custom Software Services-A-TEN.COM offers custom software creation services. We can create a specific software solution for you or your company to run on Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Linux. Prices are very reasonable, and software creation time is usally very short. All software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, or PERL. Our experts specialize in programs dealing with databases and the Internet, but are also very capable of creating other applications. For more information, or an estimate please email

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