A Closer Look At Wedding Rings

wed ringsWhat is the one sign that you look for if you want to know whether a person is married or unmarried? Well, you glance at the ring finger to spot the wedding band or ring of course! Wedding rings serve as a lasting reminder of one’s marriage, therefore people generally pick a style that they love because they will be wearing the ring everyday. It is a myth that wedding rings of both the partners need to match. It doesn’t have to be so if the tastes of both the partners are very different; what counts is the symbolism of the ring, not its design!

So what is the symbolism of the wedding ring? Well, since a ring represents infinity because it is a continuous circle, therefore it signifies that the couple would stay as one forever. The reason why the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger only is the vena amoris. According to the Romans, this vein is connected directly to the heart, therefore it makes this gesture quite romantic!

While one can pick any metal for wedding rings, it is generally precious metal like gold, silver or platinum that is chosen. Some people also go for two-tone rings and titanium rings. Others like their wedding rings to be a bit fancier and they have precious stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc embedded in it. In order to make the wedding ring more special one can engrave initials, dates or special notes on the inside of the ring.

Even though rings are considered to be a jewelry item, wedding rings are not just your regular jewelry item; these rings are special because they are more than just jewelry, they symbolize promises and emotions like honour, eternity, fidelity, commitment and of course everlasting love. Males generally ‘claim’ their women by using rings while proposing to them. The idea of using a wedding ring has existed since ancient times but back then it was not as glamorous as it is now. Nevertheless, these rings are enough to melt the heart of the recipients because of their appearance and the thought behind it!

Now, not everybody is a perfectionist but when it comes to wedding rings people would definitely like it to be perfect. Hence they spend a lot of time browsing through different options and choosing one that fits their style and budget. After all, these rings are meant to be worn forever, so wouldn’t it be good to choose something appealing at the very least?