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—–Atlantis Enterprises welcomes you to its highly recommended book section. Through association with, we bring you a wide selection of topics to choose from. In fact, when we tallied up on August 16, 1998, we counted 15 categories and 100 subjects! Please use the links on the sidebar to go to any page that interests you. All of the pages allow you to purchase each of the recommended books there if you decide to.
—–Each page was designed with you, the site visitor, in mind. We have searched many catalogs, and gone through many bookstores countless hours to find the best books for you to read. But we don’t just select books for any random reason. We read some of these books, and if we think that you would like it, it becomes a highly recommended book! So now that you understand how we work, stop reading this text and start reading some very highly recommended books!

The Webmaster’s reading…
—–To be more specific, the network/intranet administrator here at (who just happens to be the CEO as well) is now listing the books he reads. So what exactly is he reading, and what does he think about the books that he reads? Well here what he has to say:

Starship Troopers – If you liked the movie, the book is
much, much better! On a scale of one to ten I would
have to give it a 9.5. The book is great, but when your
finished it leaves you wishing thier was more! (Book
Author – Robert Heinldein)
The Postman – Unlike Starship Troopers, the movie (The
Postman starring Kevin Costner) was done very well. Of
course you can’t tell the whole story with all the details
in a movie so be sure to check out this book! I’ll give it
a 10.0. Not a dull page! (Book Author – David Brin)
Free To Trade – An excellent novel about young investment
banker who finds out information he wasn’t suppossed to.
Others near him have died, will he now? This long book
gets a 10.0 because of its length and its non-stop
writting style. (Book Author – Michael Ridpath)
Cat’s Cradle – Believe it or not, I haven’t actually read this
title yet! I bought it because it looked very intresting,
but I haven’t had time to read it yet. Once I do get
around to reading it, I will certainly have this page
updated. If you happen to get it and read it before me,
please let me know and your thoughts on the book might
just appear below mine! (Book Author – Kurt Vonnegut)

No Clue What Your Looking For?
—–Well if you don’t know what you are looking for then check out these very popular subjects:
-Visual Basic – Visual Basic is one of the newest and most user-friendly programming languages out there. If you want to make computer programs and have no programming experience, then Visual Basic is they way to start! With the books here you will quickly learn the language and be able to make top-level software in no time!
-Ender Quartet – Not exactly as new as Visual Basic, but this science fiction series by Orson Scott Card is certainly just as good! If you are looking for a book that you can get into, and then continue the story thru books two, three, and four then check this series out right now!

Still nothing?
—–If you can’t find anything that intrests you, use the search box below to search through the millions of books in the catalog!

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