Things to know and keep in mind before going for repair

We panic these days if we are not able to use our cell phones. And as a result, we quickly take them to the nearest company service centre or any repair shop. But there are a few things we should keep in mind before taking the mobile phones for repair. 

  • Warranty: We should first check if the warranty issued by the phone manufacturer is still valid. If the warranty is still valid when the phone breaks down, we should definitely take our phones to a company service centre as the repairing will be done for free. And if the problem is unrepairable, then customers can also get a new replaced phone of the same model.
  • Nature of damage: This is another important factor while considering to drop your phones at the company service centres if the phone is under warranty. If the problem is a manufacturing defect and not caused by external factors, then only will the company service centre repair it for free provided the phone is still under warranty. If the damage is like a broken screen or water logging, then the company service centres will charge you regardless of the fact that your phone is still in the warranty period.
  • Choosing the right repair centre: If the warranty period is over or if the damage is externally caused, then there is no gain in taking it to a company service centre if the centre is not near your location. There are numerous repair shops where you can simply drop your phone on your way to work and pick it up, fully repaired, on your way home. 
  • Cost: One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the cost of repairing. Different repair shops might charge differently for the same repair job. So it is entirely up to you to choose the repair shop that fits your budget.
  • Making the important decision: Finally, when you take your phone to a repair shop, they generally will give you a cost estimate for the repair job they will perform. If the cost is much higher is close to the original price of the phone, then you have to decide whether to go for the repair job or to buy a new phone.