Things to know and keep in mind before going for repair

We panic these days if we are not able to use our cell phones. And as a result, we quickly take them to the nearest company service centre or any repair shop. But there are a few things we should keep in mind before taking the mobile phones for repair. 

  • Warranty: We should first check if the warranty issued by the phone manufacturer is still valid. If the warranty is still valid when the phone breaks down, we should definitely take our phones to a company service centre as the repairing will be done for free. And if the problem is unrepairable, then customers can also get a new replaced phone of the same model.
  • Nature of damage: This is another important factor while considering to drop your phones at the company service centres if the phone is under warranty. If the problem is a manufacturing defect and not caused by external factors, then only will the company service centre repair it for free provided the phone is still under warranty. If the damage is like a broken screen or water logging, then the company service centres will charge you regardless of the fact that your phone is still in the warranty period.

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Some common problems of cell phones which need repairs

Cell phones can require a repair due to numerous and countless reasons. Here, we shall look into three of the major problems that compel cell phone users to take their phones to a repair centre.

  • Broken Screen: One of the most common problems which halts our cell phone usage is the broken screen. There are a few circumstances which lead to the screen of our cell phones to snap. Accidentally dropping the cell phones from our hands results sometimes in a broken screen. Weird and varied reasons cause cell phone screens to crack or break. These causes range from hurling phones during arguments and fights, using phones as bottle openers, accidentally the phone coming under the tyre of a car to using the phone as hammer to level nails. While some of these may seem too weird to be true, these reasons are actually surveyed from various fairfax corner cell phone repair shops. Some repair technicians even claim that customers come to them with broken screens because they had accidentally dropped the phone from the 3rd storey of a building!
  • Water Logging: Another most common problem and cause of cell phone deaths is water logging inside the phone. Water is the arch enemy of cell phones from the beginning of their evolution.

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Cell Phone Repair – Overview, The need of repairing cell phones

Let us for once, put our imagination helmets on and think, what would happen if mankind wake up tomorrow and find their cell phones have vanished? The answer – complete mayhem! Can we instantly go back to life without cell phones which we had lived approximately a decade and a half ago? We wonder how we had lived a single day without cell phones then! Such is the impact cell phones have had in our lives! In the last decade or so, cell phone usage has increased exponentially. More so, with the advent of smartphones these days, most of our work is being accomplished by our cell phones. As cell phones have evolved from being a simple calling and texting device into a multipurpose and versatile smartphone, we have seen the declining usage of alarm clocks, calendars, music players etc. We have integrated cell phones in our daily lives so much that if we do not use cell phones for a single day, we almost panic. From paying bills to having video conferences, from watching movies to contacting people, from updating social network profiles to being informed about the weather, from capturing memories to writing blogs, from trading shares to booking tickets, we depend on cell phones as never before. Cell phones have made our lives so much easier. So when a cell phone does break down or stop functioning, the need of repairing it as soon as possible is of huge importance.

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