Some common problems of cell phones which need repairs

Cell phones can require a repair due to numerous and countless reasons. Here, we shall look into three of the major problems that compel cell phone users to take their phones to a repair centre.

  • Broken Screen: One of the most common problems which halts our cell phone usage is the broken screen. There are a few circumstances which lead to the screen of our cell phones to snap. Accidentally dropping the cell phones from our hands results sometimes in a broken screen. Weird and varied reasons cause cell phone screens to crack or break. These causes range from hurling phones during arguments and fights, using phones as bottle openers, accidentally the phone coming under the tyre of a car to using the phone as hammer to level nails. While some of these may seem too weird to be true, these reasons are actually surveyed from various fairfax corner cell phone repair shops. Some repair technicians even claim that customers come to them with broken screens because they had accidentally dropped the phone from the 3rd storey of a building!
  • Water Logging: Another most common problem and cause of cell phone deaths is water logging inside the phone. Water is the arch enemy of cell phones from the beginning of their evolution. Like broken screen, the problem of water logging comes with weird causes too. Cell phones get dropped into the toilet, which is most common. They also get dropped into the swimming pool. And according to the technicians, it is not just water that they deal with all the time. Beer gets spilled on phones, coffee, tea, even vinegar. Each of these liquids have their corrosive effects on the phone. While picking up the phone as quickly as possible after it falls in a bucket of water or the toilet may save it from extensive damage, being submerged in water for longer periods may result in a dead phone. Technicians advise some methods which are just like the first aid we give to victims before taking them to a hospital. These basic steps to be followed are:
  • Gently rub the outer surface with a dry cloth to wipe out the water.
  • If accessible, remove the battery.
  • Do not switch on the phone or press any button to check if it is okay.
  • Place the phone along with some silica gel packets inside an air tight container for 12 hours.
  • Or place the phone in a bowl and cover it with uncooked rice and keep it like that for 12 hours. This will absorb moisture.
  • Switch your hair dryer to ‘cool’ mode and blow the phone from every direction.
  • Take it to a cell phone repair shop or the company service centre.
  • Phone Hanging: This widespread problem is basically more of a software problem than a hardware problem. We often experience our cell phones freezing in the middle of some important work or while watching a video or listening to music or simply, while unlocking our phones. It is the most annoying problem faced by cell phone users. And in today’s world of extensive smartphone usage, this problem is very common. A cell phone freezes or hangs due to many reasons. Low physical memory is one of the major reasons why cell phones freeze. A slow processor or over heating are the other causes. Too much of junk files or cache files may also result in freezing of the phone. A major chunk of customers that come to the repair centres come with freezing or hanging problems in their phones. 
  • Speaker and microphone dysfunctionality: As often is the case, the speaker may not sound properly which results in users not being able to hear what the other person is saying over the phone. Microphone dysfunctionality results in the voice not being captured properly which results in the other person not being able to hear our voices over the phone.